1. What does it mean, fine art photography?


Fine art wedding photography for me is way of shooting a wedding with keeping an eye on every beautiful moment I see and capturing every little detail as an artist.


2. We want candid shots, we don't like to pose too much.. Who we get a wedding reportage?


Of course you will! My style is definitely not only about beautifully standing bride and groom, but naturally laughing, kissing, crying, dancing.

I will capture every touching or funny moment of your wedding day. Reception and party time are one of my favorite parts!


3. Do you shoot film? But isn't it old-school?


Yes, I do. I shoot both digital and film, depending on light conditions.

Film is not only a tool for me, but also an inspirational source. Its colors and volumes are amazing.


4. Where are you based? Are you ready to travel?


I live in Basel (Switzerland) with my family. Travel all over the Europe and even overseas is more than welcome!


5. We have three days wedding, with rehearsal dinner and brunch on the other day.


That's wonderful. We'll discuss all the details and I'd be more than happy to prepare an individual package for you.


6. What is your favourite part of the wedding?


Every wedding celebration is unique. But in general, it's about bride's preparing time. It can be really fun with all the bridesmaids, laughing and drinking champagne, or it can be a private and intimate: bridal boudoir shoot is a tender and sensual moment. 


7. What languages do you speak?


I speak English, German and Russian.


8. How to book a date?


I ask my couples-to-be to sign a contract and to pay a retainer 25%. After that, the date is securely booked.



If you have more questions, feel free to visit my contact page and ask me whatever you want!